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Trusted Automatic Transmission Repair Shop Haltom City, TX

Providing value and excellence for 25 years!

Trusted Automatic Transmission Repair Shop Haltom City TX

With expertise and trained technicians, we assure you to do the right job! Consult with our experts for reliable and valuable automatic transmission services Haltom City, TX.


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We’re here to fix automatic transmission issues.

Why Choose Eagle Automatic Transmission Haltom City, TX

We provide automatic transmission service Haltom City, TX, that keeps your vehicle in the best condition!

Why Choose Eagle Automatic Transmission Haltom City TX

Our team of expert technicians strives to provide valuable transmission services to whoever chooses us. Bring your vehicle to an automatic transmission repair shop Haltom City, TX, to get reliable services. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. The experts at Eagle understand that each vehicle is different and requires a high level of expertise to detect and solve underlying problems. At our repair shop, you’ll get an accurate diagnosis, premium quality, and cost-effective service

At automatic transmission Haltom City, TX, we run extensive tests to detect underlying vehicle problems. With the help of the latest technology and equipment, we make an accurate diagnosis. From initial diagnoses to final adjustments, we carry out each step cautiously.


Testing is also one of the essential parts of our services. Be it a car or truck, we test every vehicle and ensure that it’s running at the highest level before handing it back to you.

What’s more exciting? We don’t burden you with unnecessary costs. No doubt, getting transmission services can be costly. Thanks to our expert technicians, our final fee is only based on the nature of a problem and the parts required to solve it.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Each vehicle is unique and has a different set of functions and problems. Our experts are pro at tackling issues and offering tailored solutions.

Online Service

Online Service

Our online service is for vehicle owners who want to schedule an appointment without hassle. You can book a consultation on your desired day!

Consultation from Experts

Consultation from Experts

Choosing our automatic transmission service Haltom City, TX will enable you to discuss vehicle problems with our expert and experienced technicians.

Extensive Inception

Extensive inspection

Our automatic transmission repair shop Haltom City, TX is your place to get reliable services for your vehicle. One of those services includes extensive inspection. It’s for every type of vehicle to detect and solve problems.

Affordable Repair Prices

Affordable Repair Prices

We offer excellent repair and transmission services without charging extra bucks. When you look for affordable automatic transmission repair near Haltom City, TX next time, you know who to consult with!

Tools and Technicians

Tools and Technicians

We’ve been using updated tools and equipment to make an accurate diagnosis and provide solutions. Our skilled and professional technicians also help us deliver high-quality services.

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Your Automatic Transmission Specialist Haltom City, TX

Getting reliable and valuable automatic and transmission solutions isn’t a hassle anymore!

Engine Repair Service

Differential Repair

We help you maintain the differential as it ensures the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. Apart from our automatic transmission service Haltom City, TX, you can rely on us for exceptional differential repair services. We offer extensive inspection, ring, pinion repair, bearing, axle and replacement, noise, and leak fixes.

AC Service

AC Service

We provide free ac diagnostics, inspect compressor belts and components for cracks and leaks, check the refrigerant level. Depending on the diagnostic test result, we evacuate the AC system, perform required service on compressor, test system to ensure proper operations, and more to be your one-stop automatic transmission repair Shop Haltom City, TX.

Radiator Cooling System

Radiator & Cooling System

Our transmission specialist Haltom City, TX, can do more than you think. Be it winter or summer; we’ve got the expertise to repair cooling systems of different vehicles. You can count on us for radiator flushes, coolant drain and fills, a heater core check and replacement, heater hose replacement, radiation hose replacement, and more.

Automatic Transmission Service Repair

Automatic Transmission Service & Repair

We deal in all types of vehicles and automatic transmission Haltom City, TX services. Whether it’s a foreign or domestic model, we’ve got the expertise to tackle the problem, providing a lasting solution. Our expert technicians can ensure an accurate diagnosis in automatic or manual vehicles. From minor transmission repair to rebuilding, we do it all.

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Our versatile services include engine light inspection. We run free engine light diagnostics and scan your computer for faults. Our expert mechanics also provide reports containing fault codes. Our proven experience in the business enables us to provide repair estimates, assistance if a major repair is required, honest recommendation, and answer queries you may have.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services

At Eagle, we offer fleet services to keep your car or vehicle ready to move! Apart from Automatic Transmission Repair Haltom City, TX, we’ve advanced equipment, certified technicians, and expertise to provide proper fleet services, including brake repairs, timing belt, engine tune-up, trans-axle/4×4/all-wheel drive, clutch assembly replacement.

Engine Repair Service 1

Engine Repair Service

At our Automatic Transmission Repair Shop Haltom City, TX, we offer complete engine repair services. Since it’s a major part of every vehicle, keeping it in good condition is crucial. Consulting with our certified technicians will enable you to learn techniques that prevent major engine problems.

Manual Transmission Repair Clutch Replacement

Manual Transmission Repair & Clutch Replacement

Be it manual transmission rebuild or clutch assembly replacement, technicians at Eagle have the right skills to do the right job regardless of the vehicle’s size or type. We also offer free road test and lift inspection to detect problems, ensure that your vehicle gets back to a good condition and is ready to hit the road!

Your Trusted Automatic Transmission Service Haltom City TX

Your Trusted Automatic Transmission Service Haltom City, TX

No doubt, transmission repairs can be costly. We aim to become your trusted partner when you want to do it for the first time. As premier repair service providers, we know how to make a correct diagnosis. Our experts identify the problem along with a solution that is ideal for your vehicle. We offer three options to bring transmission to good condition. Repair, replace, and rebuild – we help you choose the right option for your car.

Automatic Transmission Shop Near Haltom City, TX

Our automatic transmission repair service Haltom City, TX, covers all your automatic transmission needs. We’ve got the experience and expertise to do the right job. We encourage vehicle owners to get vehicle inspection done to detect the signs that determine transmission problems. If you ignore the problem, it might turn a minor repair into a major one. Save yourself from a bigger problem, get transmission inspection done, and keep your vehicle in good condition!

Automatic Transmission Shop Near Haltom City TX

What Our Customers Say

Providing reliable services is our primary goal. Here’s what our customers say about our automatic transmission services Haltom City, TX.

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