Keller Clutch Replacement

Car Tune Ups In Keller TX Axle Repair

Keller Clutch Replacement Car Tune-Ups In Keller TX Axle Repair

Welcome to Eagle Transmission & Automotive, where we’re the “one to trust” when it comes to Keller clutch replacement and manual transmission repair. At the first sign of an issue in your manual transmission, it’s important that you connect with our team so our ASE-certified, licensed mechanics can take a look.

With thorough inspections or even full Keller car tune-ups, you are able to proactively care for your vehicle and avoid more costly issues and disrepairs later down the line. The team at Eagle will make sure that we provide you with helpful insight into your needs. We’re honest in this feedback and provide affordable pricing for our Keller axle repair and other manual transmission services.

Not sure if you need clutch replacement in Keller TX? Bring it in for a free road test and lift inspection

You shouldn’t have to be left to wonder if your manual transmission needs some repairs. And, thanks to Eagle, you don’t have to pay to find out, either.

As a part of our Keller clutch replacement and manual transmission repair service, we offer clients a free road test and lift inspection so that we can help you identify any problems, and their causes.

Care you can count on delivered by an industry leader

Whether you are experiencing issues with your automatic or manual transmission or would like to lean on the knowledge and experience that comes with our Keller car tune-ups, Eagle Transmission welcomes you to take advantage of our affordable, convenient service.


In business since 1983, we have been providing car tune-ups in Keller TX, in addition to a wide range of other services, that have kept our clients moving down the road safely.

You don’t have to make an appointment with us — simply stop by and a member of our Keller clutch replacement staff will help you out any way possible.

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