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Understanding Radiators and Cooling Systems

Heat and car engines have a complicated relationship. Too much heat can cause the engine to expand and seize, while insufficient heat hampers its efficiency, leading to potential failure. Although powertrain systems have advanced significantly, automotive cooling systems have remained relatively unchanged. As a result, today’s vehicles still depend on a radiator and cooling system to regulate heat—components that have been integral since the inception of automobiles.

The radiator is a crucial part of a car engine’s cooling system, designed to disperse a mix of antifreeze and water through its fins to release engine heat. Simultaneously, it draws in cool air, which circulates throughout the engine. Additional components like the water pump, spur line, and fan clutch near the radiator also play essential roles in the engine’s cooling system. It’s important to differentiate the cooling system from the air conditioning system. While the latter provides comfort during sweltering summer days in Dallas-Fort Worth, the cooling system is critical to your car’s performance; if it fails, your engine could suffer severe damage.

Identifying Signs Your Radiator and Cooling System Need Servicing

The heat generated by your car’s engine can be intense. The radiator and cooling system prevents it from overheating. However, if the radiator or any other cooling system component malfunctions, the engine may overheat and seize, leading to costly repairs. Therefore, recognizing the signs of potential issues is crucial. If you experience any of the following, schedule an appointment for your radiator and cooling system inspection immediately:


  • Temperature gauge fluctuates (higher or lower than normal)
  • Coolant light turns on
  • Leaking coolant/antifreeze (bright yellow, green, or pink fluid)
  • Heater not functioning
  • Rapid fuel consumption
  • Sweet odor (antifreeze)
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 Guaranteed Results

We prioritize client satisfaction and go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results. All our transmission repairs come with a full guarantee.

 Family Owned and Operated 

As a family-owned and operated repair shop, we treat our customers like family members, providing personalized care for you and your vehicle.

Over Three Decades of Experience

Established in 1991, we have offered quality transmission and cooling system repairs to Dallas-Fort Worth residents for over 30 years.

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The Radiator and Cooling System Professionals in Dallas-Fort Worth

Eagle Transmission & Automotive is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop specializing in radiator and cooling system services and repairs. Our team of professionally trained and highly experienced mechanics are experts in their field, committed to delivering top-quality results. Since our establishment in 1991, we have proudly served thousands of vehicle owners and consistently ranked as Tarrant County’s best transmission and automotive repair shop. Our workmanship and dedication to exceptional service set us apart.

Our skilled technicians keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently, regardless of its make, model, or age. In addition, we provide dependable radiator and cooling system services at competitive rates without compromising quality, earning your trust in Eagle Transmission & Automotive.

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