Differential repair

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Differential repair

Your vehicle’s differential is a gearbox that takes the power from your engine and distributes it to your wheels via the axles. If you have a front wheel drive, this is your transaxle. If you have AWD, each set of wheels have a differential. A rear wheel drive has one between the rear wheels, attached to the engine and transmission via the drive shaft. The gearing of the differential not only transfers power to the vehicle’s wheels but allocates the amount of that power between wheels when making a turn. This is necessary because the inside wheel on a turn, rotates slower than the outside.So the a well-maintained differential is very important to the safe and efficient operation of your
vehicle. We do the following differential

  • Inspection
  • Fix noise and leaks
  • Repair ring and pinion
  • Bearing and seal replacement
  • Axle replacement
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