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Automatic Transmission Repair

We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic, automatics and manuals, all wheel drive and 4×4, from minor transmission repair to transmission rebuilding. This includes differentials, CV axles and clutches. We offer custom rebuilding for heavy duty transmissions with billet torque converters and external coolers, performance transmissions and we do all the latest updates available.

Standard Transmission Repair

It is always good to get a routine inspection if you are experiencing even the slightest issue with your manual transmission.The fluid in a manual transmission is most often neglected. Most people do not realize that the gear oil should be replaced over time.

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Radiator & Cooling System

The cooling system of your car protects your engine from overheating and the damage it does. Engine temperatures can reach 2000 degrees and the cooling system siphons away this heat through circulating your vehicle’s coolant. When your radiator or thermostat isn’t functioning properly, when your coolant is old or contaminated, when you have a hose leak, you need immediate repairs to prevent thousands of dollars in engine repair costs.

Differential Service

Your vehicle’s differential is a gearbox that takes the power from your engine and distributes it to your wheels via the axles. If you have a front wheel drive, this is your transaxle. If you have AWD, each set of wheels have a differential. A rear wheel drive has one between the rear wheels, attached to the engine and transmission via the drive shaft.

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