Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair: 6 Indications You Must Need to Consider Carefully

We all know the fact that maintenance of a car is not an easy job. It requires a steady eagle eye that can regularly monitor the performance of a car based on different standpoints. Transmission is one of those factors that always stays on top of that list. It is important because the overall functioning of a car largely depends on it, which is why anything disrupting its functions can prove to be a real problem for you.

The signs that indicate transmission repair should never be ignored because a failing system can certainly become a headache for you if it is not addressed properly at the right time.

The reason is that just one mechanical failure in your car’s transmission can shut down the whole engine immediately. It is, therefore, very important to monitor the performance of transmission regularly, especially when you have got a car that is driven thousands of kilometers. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the most common reasons behind the failure of transmission. Knowing these reasons, you can plan your transmission repair at an early stage, including the management of its cost.

Let’s first discuss what does the transmission does and how to spot certain problems in it.

What Does the Transmission Do?

A proper functioning transmission ensures the smooth running of your cars. It is basically an ability that carries the power of an engine to the axle, rightly by using the mechanism of shifting gears. It allows the engine to run at different speeds, precisely by managing the execution of different gears.

Both manual and automatic transmission are differentiated based on their mechanism. However, their problems are not too much different, which is why it becomes quite easy sometimes to spot them immediately.

Automatic vs Manual Transmission

Automatic vs Manual Transmission

We know that it is an unending debate that whether one should choose an automatic or a manual car. Both of these transmissions have got their own advantages which makes them equally perfect for different types of usage.

Manual Transmission

In a manual transmission, a driver has got the ability to control the speed of a car by shifting to different gears. Using a stick shift, the manual transmission allows the driver to switch to different gears as per the requirements of speed, giving him/her complete control to go from zero to 100 mph within minutes.

Automatic Transmission

On the other hand, the automatic transmission allows the internal mechanism of the engine to control its speeds. In this transmission, the driver only selects “D” on the shifter, and the rest totally depends on the car. Using fluid pressure, the gears of the vehicle are automatically changed, giving the driver complete ease to just sit back and control the movement of a car through the steering.

Selecting a car having one of these transmissions comes down to your own preferences. Many people prefer buying automatic cars, while some like to drive around fast with manual transmission. Both of them have got their own benefits, which is why choosing them generally depends on personal choices. 

6 Indications You Need to Go for Transmission Repairing

Here are a few common reasons why your car may be facing transmission problems. Let’s take a look at them below.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission Fluid Leak

It is generally advised to regularly check the ground where you park your cars. It is very important in terms of checking the fluid leak.

Now, you might be thinking about how to check the transmission fluid or what indicators you have to consider about it? Here’s the answer.

If you see any regular signs of reddish or brownish fluid spread around the ground, it could well mean that your car is facing a transmission fluid leak. You can also confirm this indication by checking your fluid level. This will show you a clear picture and determine whether you need instant transmission repairing or not.

If you decide to refill the fluid by yourself, make sure to fill it normally as overfilling beyond the level can also cause transmission issues sometimes.

Burning Smell

If you are experiencing any burning smell from the front of your hood, it could well be indicating that your transmission is having severe problems.

This particular burning smell can get worse if you will not get a proper transmission rebuild at an early stage. At this point, you must need to consult with your mechanic to see whether you need a complete transmission overhaul or just a simple repair. A technical checkup to look for the source of that smell would be the best option, especially when you’ve got a car that is used for a long drive every now and then.

Transmission Slipping

Transmission slipping looks very weird and at some stages do not comes to the notice immediately. However, if you are experiencing it regularly and wondering about the sudden change of gears in your car, you must need to go to your mechanic instantly. This particular problem often makes a whining noise, indicating the problem in the transmission.

It could happen due to lack of maintenance or lower fluid levels. Sometimes, people tend to ignore this problem as it only happens once. But, if it is continuing regularly, then it indicates that your transmission is going down. For manual transmission cars, this is a very serious problem and must need to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Problem in Shifting Gears

Wondering why your car is taking too long to shift gears? Well, this could be due to a persistent problem in your transmission service. It could usually happen due to leakage in fluid or can have some other major problems as well.

To fix it out, you must need to go to the mechanic immediately, so that he can evaluate whether you need a transmission repair or something else. Remember that if you won’t pay proper attention to this problem, then it could quickly damage various other parts of the transmission, letting you into a much bigger repairing problem.

Continuous Buzzing Noise

If you are driving the car and getting irritated by the continuous buzzing noise, do take it seriously because it could be directly coming from your faulty transmission service. It is generally not considered okay to hear any kind of sound while driving the car, especially when it is a bit used and old.

The reason for this humming noise can be linked to your transmission service, showing it could have major internal problems including damaged gears and defective bearing. It is, therefore, better advised to consult with the relevant mechanic immediately, so that the transmission can get fixed appropriately at the right time. 

Warning Lights

The warning lights usually show the problem with the engine, however, it could also indicate any major issue with the transmission service. It could either be a problem with the manual transmission fluid leakage or something else, you must need to give it a detailed check from the concerned authority.

Considering the defect in transmission, many people have complained that this light also turns red due to transmission overheating. This could well prove to be a very severe problem because it can easily affect other parts of the cars including the engine in no time.  

Factors That Affect the Cost of Transmission Repairing

The cost of transmission repairing can greatly vary due to many factors. Let’s discuss some of the most common among them below.  

Difference due to Automatic & Manual Transmission

Firstly, the cost of transmission rebuild depends on the nature of transmission i.e. automatic and manual. Generally, the total cost of repairing a manual transmission is much lower than that of automatic transmission. The technical difficulties in repairing both of these transmissions define the major difference in their pricing. It is because the mechanism of an automatic transmission is quite complicated, requiring a much greater budget and experienced hands to do the job.

Extent of the Damage

The extent of the transmission damage also determines the overall cost of its repair. It is indeed quite an obvious thing that if there are some major internal problems in transmission, then it could well take a big repairing amount.

On the other hand, if the transmission just needs a checkup or little maintenance, the cost could gradually go down. All of this basically depends on the extent of damage and how it could be repaired by utilizing different resources.

Car Manufacturer Value

It is yet another obvious fact that the repairing cost of a Mercedes will go up much higher as compared to the cost of a Ford or any other car manufacturer. The company name brings a lot of addition in the repairing cost, which is indeed termed as a universal truth of the automobile market.

The availability of parts, authorized resources, and other factors plays a major role in increasing this cost value. Furthermore, the additional tag of imported cars also multiples its price to a much higher level.

Used vs New Cars

It is always advised to go for the latest models instead of keeping up with the old cars. The reason is that the maintenance of an old car is quite costly due to the limited availability of its parts. Ranging from the engine to transmission service parts, used cars will always irritate you with different sorts of problems and will increase your repairing cost at different intervals.

Pricing Structure of Auto Repair Shop

The repairing cost of transmission service also depends on the pricing structure fixed by a particular auto repair shop. It is, therefore, said to do your homework before taking your car to any auto repair shop. You must need to know about the standard repairing charges that are being offered in the market.

It helps you to know whether a particular shop is charging the right amount and how advanced transmission repairing services they are offering for that value.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing all the above, it is highly important to know whether your car is facing a transmission issue or not. Not only that, but you also need to know that what is the extent of that issue and how it can be fixed by utilizing proper resources.

In this blog, we have tried to cover every factor that can help you to determine about having any issues in transmission service. Knowing these problems at an earlier stage, you can instantly take your cars to the concerned mechanics and can get them fixed with proper transmission repairing services.

Being a responsible owner, you must need to know about these little things, as it helps your car to stay away from any unwanted inconveniences such as overheated or even blown transmissions.