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3 Common Transmission Repairs Forest Hill, TX Motorists Require

For more than 25 years, the motorists of Tarrant County and the surrounding areas have been trusting Eagle Transmission for all of their transmission repair and automotive service needs. As a locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured Forest Hill, TX transmission repair shop, we’re dedicated to improving the function and enhancing the safety of the vehicles of Texas drivers. Our team of professionally trained technicians are highly skilled in all types of transmission repairs, and they also provide a full range of other auto services, including brake services, differential services, diagnostic services, and car AC services. When you choose us for your car care needs, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’ll receive fast, efficient, reliable, and long-lasting results.

3 Common Transmission Repair Services in Forest Hill, TX

Forest Hill, TX

The transmission is the part of your car that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Every time you accelerate or decelerate, you have your transmission to thank; without it, your vehicle won’t go. Given the fact that it is under constant strain and that it’s exposed to such harsh conditions, transmission issues are bound to happen at some point or another.

Since it is such a fundamental part of your vehicle, being aware of the signs of transmission trouble is imperative. There are several signs that can indicate transmission issues, including gear sticking or slipping, grinding or shaking, unusual sounds (especially when in neutral), a burning odor coming from the engine, fluid leaks, and buzzing or grinding sounds are just some of the signs that indicate you need to schedule an appointment with a Forest Hill, TX transmission repair shop. But what issues could be causing the problems that you’re experiencing? While there are several issues that can affect this vital component of your vehicle, the following are some of the most common transmission repairs in Tarrant County.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

One of the most commonly performed transmission repair services in Tarrant County has to do with the fluid. A transmission is comprised of several working components, and fluid helps to lubricate the components, prevents friction, reduces heat, and collects debris. After a while, transmission fluid can become contaminated, and when that happens, it has to be replaced; otherwise, serious problems could arise. A Forest Hill, TX transmission repair shop will flush the existing fluid out of this vital part of your vehicle and will replace it with new fluid, thereby ensuring that your transmission continues to operate properly and preventing damage to the internal working components.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid leaks are pretty common. This part of your vehicle is under constant stress and strain, and it is exposed to such harsh conditions. As such, the seal that holds the fluid in place can become damaged or simply wear out. If your transmission fluid levels are rapidly depleting or you spot puddles of reddish-colored, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your vehicle, you probably have a leak. A Forest Hill, TX transmission repair shop will perform a thorough inspection of this vital part of your car to pinpoint the root cause of the problem, will make the necessary repairs, and will flush out and replace the existing fluid.


As mentioned, a transmission is comprised of a collection of working components. Eventually, some of those parts can become worn or damaged. If the wear and tear or damage are so severe that a simple repair won’t be enough to address the problem, you may need to have your transmission rebuilt. A skilled and experienced Forest Hill, TX transmission repair technician will completely disassemble this vital part of your vehicle and will remove and replace all worn or damaged components. Once the transmission is rebuilt, the technician will reinstall the transmission into your vehicle, will make all of the necessary adjustments, and will complete all of the programming that is necessary. While transmission rebuilds are relatively common, they are also quite complex. As such, choosing a transmission repair shop in Tarrant County that has a proven track record of success and that you really trust is imperative.

Contact a Trusted Forest Hill, TX Transmission Repair Specialist

If you are experiencing issues with your transmission and you think that you need to have it repaired or rebuilt, contact the experts that Tarrant County motorists trust most: Eagle Transmission! For more than 25 years, our professionally trained, highly skilled technicians have been providing the motorists of Texas with the highest quality, most reliable, and most affordably priced transmission repair services. All of our repairs are backed by a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, and we have successfully served thousands of motorists throughout the area. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation and request a free price quote, give us a call at 817-498-9767. One of our expert technicians will happily answer all of your questions and will assist you with all of your needs.

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