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Common Causes of Car Engine Problems

The engine is the heart of a vehicle; it’s what makes your car go. Just like a heart, an engine is a complex system that is comprised of a collection of interconnected components that work together to create the energy that makes your vehicle go. Even a minor malfunction in one of the components can trigger the check engine light to go on to let you know there’s a problem in the system.

While any number of factors can contribute to engine problems, the following are some of the most common:

  •         Poor lubrication
  •         Overheating
  •         Leaking coolant
  •         Improper air and fuel compression
  •         Old, debris-filled oil
  •         A failing oil pump
  •         A blocked radiator
  •         Faulty oxygen sensors
  •         Prolonged detonation
  •         Old spark plugs

Signs You Need to Schedule an Engine Repair Service

Being that the engine is the heart of your vehicle, making sure that it’s working properly is essential; not only for your safety but for your sanity, as well. The longer you wait to have it repaired, the worse the damage will become and the more expensive it will be to fix. Minor issues can turn into major problems if left unchecked and you could end up stranded in the middle of I-45 in rush-hour traffic or on the side of a dark, remote road. If none of that sounds like your idea of fun, then familiarizing yourself with the signs that engine problems is an absolute must. The following are some of the most common telltale signs that you need an engine repair service:

  •         Illuminated check engine light
  •         Unusual sounds
  •         Odd odors
  •         Sluggish; poor acceleration
  •         Overheating
  •         Excessive gas and/or oil consumption
  •         Stalling
  •         Shaking at idle speed
  •         Excessive smoke

If you’re having one or more of the above issues or any other problem with your engine, don’t delay; contact Tarrant County’s leading engine repair service specialist: Eagle Transmission & Automotive.

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Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality engine repair services in Northeastern Texas. We use the most advanced techniques, tested and proven tactics, and the highest quality equipment and materials to deliver exceptional results.

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Our family-owned and operated auto shop has been providing the vehicle owners of the Dallas-Fort Worth area with reliable, affordably priced engine repair services since 1991.

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We have successfully serviced thousands of customers and vehicles in the more than 30 years since we opened up shop. Tarrant County, TX motorists regard us as the most trusted engine repair service in the area.   

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Expert Engine Repair Services in Tarrant County, TX

Since an engine is such a complex system, diagnosing problems is challenging and requires the skill and expertise of a licensed and experienced professional. Since 1991, Eagle Transmission & Automotive Repair has been Tarrant County’s trusted engine repair service. The team of professionally trained, certified, and insured mechanics at our Northeast Texas shop are experts in their field and pride themselves on offering the highest quality workmanship and incomparable customer service. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and skill that you can count on to accurately diagnose and repair all kinds of engine problems on all types of vehicles.

Whether you’re just starting to notice slight issues or you’re having a full-blown, serious malfunction, you can count on our mechanics to make the necessary repairs, no matter the age, make, or model of your vehicle. When you choose Eagle Transmission & Automotive, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car is in the most capable hands. Call today to schedule a free diagnostic!

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